Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Yesterday when we were having farewell dinner in a restaurant one of the Norwegian delegate came one hour late than previously fixed time and everybody said that she is still in .......(countries). This is just an example of today. I have listened many things like this from many people even if I don't want to because I have always tried to respect time everytime in my life. I think it is a thing which can varies between person to person then, how can people generalize the whole country by just giving an example of a person??
     When I was saying these things one of the delegate said that it is said for fun!! but I don't see any funny things here. It is about the respect of your own country where you belong and I can argue this because I have never been an example of 'Nepali Time'. So, I don't want to hear it again.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

National day celebration in Arendal,Norway

Every year Norwegian celebrates it's constitution day on 17th of may.  I found children on the center regarding attraction point of view today. Childrens parades, children games, child rally(barna tog) were the things i found most of the peole talking about and further more one of my Norwegian friend was explaining that children get what ever they want in this day. In fact this is the one day of the year where the supply of ice cream and hot dogs is endless.

Children having fun during rally

I have heard that it is like a festival for all norwegians but this year I got the opportunity to watch and feel it from near. I was surprised today because i had never seen this much people in the norwegian streets. It was more crowded then the streets of Kings palace of Norway during summer.All the streets of Arendal was filled with people with their traditional dress. The name of the Norwegian traditional dress is called 'Bunad' and i was explained that it is increasingly being popular to wear this during functions like this but the bunad varies in appearance from region to region.
                                           You can easily guess how many people were there

On the same day, last year of the upper secondary(vidergĂ„nde) school  students celebrate the end of 13 year school even though many still have to pass the exams. They call themselves 'russ' and illustrates their standing through colourful russ pants (usually red or black) depending on their line of study. It is one of the surprising thing for me because in Nepal we study hard befor exam and be prepared for that but they have fun since 3 weeks before exam.
'Russ' making fun in the rally

I also took part in the rally(folk tog) with Red Cross. We together with multinational and Arendal youth group had prepared for the rally to show the people what we do? It was my first experience of rally in Norway because it is not normal and we hardly find people watching us but this is one of the main awareness raising activities in Nepal. We youths were together with children Red Cross and  Rescue team. Finally  I can say that this day was full of happiness and new experience :)
Red Cross Youth, ready for the rally