Saturday, May 8, 2010

Red Cross/Crescent Day 2010

8th of May is always like a festival for all Red Cross/Crescent volunteers. I always feel proud to be a part of this humanitarian history.  Today Red Cross is celebrating its 148th years of its establishment with the slogan- 'Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers are at the heart of the movement endeavours to strengthen urban communities'. Red Cross is a only organization which was established on humanitarian background. Humans(volunteers) are the properties of it, who are always ready to help the vulnerable.

      Red Cross informational stand and some of us

I'm celebrating Red Cross day since almost 10 years and i always have a good feeling with this. This year i celebrate this great day in Norway. It was something which i was looking forward to. In Aust-Agder district of Norway we had  a Red Cross  informational stand in the center of the town . We not only disseminate information about Red Cross but also collect fund to support Red Cross activities inside and outside of Norway with the slogan 'Her og Der' meaning 'Here and There'. We found many people who respect the brilliant job of Red Cross in the field of humanity and put money in the collection box.

me, telling about the work of Red Cross

 In addition,we also use a new way to get more money. We sold our hugs for 5 kroner. This was new thing for me because we don't have hugging culture in Nepal but i found it interesting, in fact i enjoyed it a lot :)

 wanna hug?

Hjelpekorpset (Search and rescue team of Norwegian Red Cross) Arendal was also cooperating with Red Cross Youth today in the stand. First-aid exhibition by Hjelpekorpset was also helping to get attention of many people around the town. Many youth and children were practicing first-aid there.

      some children learning First-aid

 In this very day Aust Agder Red Cross also started a second hand shop along with the existing cafe with the new name of 'Henry's Kafe og Brukt' meaning 'Henry's cafe and second hand shop'. It is also a matter of interest for me because here people use to collect as many things as they can but are throwing the things in the rubbish after sometimes even if they are OK and can be used next time. So Red Cross Collected those things and washed them to be sold again which is one of the income generating activities for Red Cross.

photo: cafe

This Red Cross day also became memorable as previous used to be. I'm very thankful to Great Henry Dunant for his great work to form Red Cross, which provide me a perfect ground to work for humanity.


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