Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nepalsk Aften (Nepali Eve)

'Since you are here what about organizing a Nepali eve?'  Gerd(leader of women group of Aust-Agder Red Cross) said in planning meeting of Kamelonkvinnene (womens group) and every member agreed on that. Date was fixed for 21st April 2010. District office made a poster with our photos and hang it around Arendal.Since it was a Nepali evening, we also decided to prepare a Nepali food along with a presentation about Nepal.

We made mo:mo, which is not a typical Nepali food but it's very famous Nepali fast food with the help of our Tibetan friend.  I think people liked mo:mo because it was finished at the end of the program.

 After food we did a presentation about Nepal, surprising things for us in Norway and our inter rail experience. There were 53 people who were listening us. They were asking many questions. They were curious mainly about cast system in Nepal and religion.

                        We talked about Norwegian weekend culture as one of the surprising thing for us. We saw the streets very tidy in working days but it turned into mess in weekends. They just throw beer bottles and cigarettes in streets. It's interesting culture!! After our presentation one man said that it might be quick decision. He said, it was not like that before 20 years and it is mainly done by youths. Whatever it was the things what we saw in Norway so we included that in our presentation.


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