Thursday, November 26, 2009

A visit to the history of Arendal

"The building in front of us is Norway's second largest and tallest wooden house. and one of the tallest wooden building in Europe. It is live history of Arendal in itself. This house have five storey and many rooms." .............was explaining us about the house. He was with us to explain everything about the house. It is good to know the history of the place where you live. so, today i was in the historical tour of Arendal with some other immigrants. Råd hus(city hall):Living history of Arendal
This house is built by the Kallevig family in may 1815 which took four year for planning and building. He imported most pieces from abroad on Mr.Kalleving's own ships but Mrs. Kallevig sold her house in 1844 in about 32.000 kroner to the municipality of Arendal then it has been the centre of the town's administration for more then 150 years.

..................Explaining us about the house

The Rådhus(city hall) is the first house in the Aust-Agder district which is designed by an architect. The paintings hanging in the wall and decorations in the house easily attract the heart of anybody. Some of the rooms are given in the rent for weeding, receptions and meetings.

From 5th floor.

It is good to preserve the history. Time never come again but we can preserve history and it can be the good lesson for upcomimg generation. History is the thing which can be never changed. I'm really impressed with the people of Arendal they are preserving their history. One of the picture hanging in the wall


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