Monday, November 23, 2009

Human Trafficking Training

The presentation is ready,We have printed out all the presentation for all participants and here is our plan to run the course! I just make sure myself before departing to Hove(The training Center). I was eagerly looking forward to meet all youths and see how they will response on Human Trafficking Course.

There were seven participants in Human Trafficking Course(There were 30 all together for 3 courses(Leadership development, International humanitarian Law and Human trafficking). We were happy to get such participants even they know that its going to be english(some youths don't want to speak english because they think that their english is not so good).
We started our course by collectig expectation and fear. We found that some of them are afraid of taking pictures. Finally we could be able to convince them on we will not take so many pictures but it is necessary to express our work. They were seeing the movie Lilja 4ever(movie about Human Traffickig) just like they forgot to blink their eyes! It also encourage us for the course of next day.

When we talked about White slavery(In the middle of the 19th century white womens were taken to muslim harems which was a licensed form of prostitution) they were so surprised. Because they used to think that slaves and prostitute are just Black and Asian people.

Youth gathering=Fun. We learnt and did fun together. Break and energizer! always a new game from participants. Their creativity in group work-Impressive.
I can never forget their expression after
seeing some painful pictures and knowing the facts about it.
They posted their notes all around the hall and its nice to see all youths reading the post. The photo session, Role play and all energiger they made about human Trafficking. They were so cool!!
The responsibility of evening entertainment was upon Human Trafficking group. Aukson, Trafficking cocktail, Photo presentation and talking about Human Trafficking. I think it gave very good impact to other youths who were not belongs to Human Trafficking Course.

In the last of course we summarize the course.It so amazing that they have remembered most of the facts and events we did. They want to continue this course in their youths group and their place and they promised to talk with another 10 people.


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