Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas and Me

Arendal town is decorated by lights and christmas tree. I can see decorations of christmas tree everywhere. There is heavy discount in shopping centre. Town is being more crowded then before. Childrens are very happy with many gifts. People are planning for holidays. More or less similar to our great festival Dashain and Tihar.
Amfi Arena(big shopping mall in Arendal)is decorated as bride for christmas

I start to miss home when i see flashing lights in the town and people planning for vacation.As being a hindu we also have some festival in which we give priority to family as christian people give to christmas. I already miss our greatest festival Dashain and Tihar which was in september and this was the first time i'm out of house in Dashain.
Christmas decoration in town

Are you going back home in chrismas? What are you planning to do in this chrismas? Its the time with family and you are out of home, I can feel how you are feeling now. I don't like to be far from home in Chrismas. I never miss home but in chrismas i can't explain how much i miss. oh no..!! Some of youth make me miss home while talking

Santa claus and me;a new experience of Christmas

Nowadays I'm remembering one lesson in FK course"try to be as people are around you, never feel difference between you and them. So, I'm celebrating Christmas instead of Dashain this year. Aust-Agder Red Cross has arranged a trip to Merket(a place near by mountain) in this christmas. That is the place occupied by Red Cross and we are also assisting people who are there to celebrate christmas there. Hope everything will go fine and i'll never forget my first experience of Christmas celebration.


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