Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti needs you

Human need humans; Help Haitians

More than 3 million people are affected by earthquake in Haiti. Many people died, many people lost their everything(house, property and beloved). They don't have house to stay and food to eat. there is a long queue for water.

It's time to show brotherhood, and help Haitian to overcome this sorrow. Your little help can save the lives of many people. In Aust-Agder district we have started to collect fund to help them. Me together with local Red Cross Youth group is collecting money in different places of Aust-Agder. Sometime by going door to door or sometimes by standing in roads and supermarkets. We were 35 youth to go door to door on last friday(15th january) in Tvdestrand. Most of the people contributing as much as they can to help Haitian.

You can support Red Cross to relief Haitians from this humanitarian disaster. If you think it as your social responsibility, you can help them just by clicking here.
or you can give money to the
account 8200 06 08331, or call
Donor Phone 820 44001 (£ 200, -)


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