Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year camp

"We would like to invite two people from Nepal in stage to take this gift from our side" Ole Andreas(one mentally handicapped people) announce from stage. It was so un expected for me because we were just two to get gift from them among 14 volunteers. I spent my New Year holidays by assisting 35 mentally handicapped people in the New Year camp in Merket.

Their love towards me.

It was a interesting experience for me. Sometime, My communication with them became a nice ice breaker because i can't speak good norwegian and they can't understand english. Their interests, and their behaviour was very different and they were very sensitive. I was vey afraid that maybe i could hurt them unknowingly but i'm happy that I managed.

dancing with them.

We both, my co-delegate and me organize different activities for them. Just like; baloon fight and musical chair. They were very happy at that time. Most of them participate in those games. I also played with them. The game became intresting when some of them don't want to leave chair in musial chair.

Playing musical chair...

I enjoyed a lot together with them. They were also happy to get company and help from me. They were laughing, dancing, playing and enjoying the best moment of their life.

game to find chocolate in a bowl(full of flour) without using hands.

Mentally handicapped people are also citizen of this world. They also have equal right as we have. Your hate will hurt them but your love towards them can bring happiness in their life. Show your love towards mentally handicapped people, will you?


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