Friday, January 22, 2010

Flames for humanity

A group of people were gathered in buspark of Tvdestrand yesterday. Some Red Cross Youths were selling flame and people were buying that in 100 kroner. We were going for a rally with flame to show solidarity and support to Haiti. Tvdestrand is a small town in Aust-Agder and there were more than 150 people and most of them were youths.
people with flame in their hands.

During this time my co-delegate was talking about the difference in the usages of this flame rally in Nepal and Norway. when some groups are against government's action or want to thraten government, people do flame rally in Nepal but here It is using to show solidarity and humanity.

 After a short rally, there was a concert in city hall of Tvdestrand. There also Red Cross Youths and students of Tvedestrand videregående skole(a high school in Tvedestrand) were selling hot dogs, pølse, bread and drink to collect money to help Haiti. Some of the youths who were not in Red Cross Youth group were thinking of joining soon because of these sort of acitivities. I found this when I talked to them. It was great to make youths involved in humanitarian activities like this.

Red Cross Youth Selling Food and Drinks

 Most of the perfomer in concert were school students. Also the point of attraction was Mari Lorentzen who was placed third in X-factor(one of the norwegian talent hunt show). She gave her performance at last but before that people were enjoying songs, dance and poems of youths. Some youths also challanged adults to do something for the shake of humanity after watching this work of youths. It was an incredible arrangement of Tvdestrand Red Cross Youth in this short period.

Mari Lorentzen singing a song

Andy playing guitar and singing song

youths dancing

group performance.
What you and your youth group is doing to help Haiti?


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