Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Want to save lives?

First-aid is a thing which everyone should be able to do. But we found that here(Aust-Agder) where there are a lot of immigrants but no one has conducted any first-aid course in English. All courses are in norwegian so that foreigner can't join those courses because of the language problem. Kari Thorsen(district head) also suggested us to organize the course in English. Therefore, we made a poster for it's advertisement and hang it around the Arendal town.

                                        advertisement of  the course

Finally the day came 20th feb.2010. There were 11 youth participants and most of them were non- norwegian. We got leader of Hjelpekorpset Arendal(a branch of Red Cross which is mainly responsible for rescue and first-aid) to assist us and help in practical things.

                                  Participants learning to do CPR

We did practical of the incident just after the theory course so participants were quite active and curious to learn.

         One practical on how to do first-aid of external bleeding

                                                        Practical about burning

 It was quite interesting to see how they handle the situation on road traffic accident. Leader to handle the situaton and never forgot to call the emergency telephone number 1-1-3. 

                                                        Participants on the action

In my evaluation the course went well because particapants were interested to learn more about first-aid. They were eager to take intermediate course on First-aid. I found them satisfy about the course.
         one of the participant evaluating the course


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