Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Status of Women in Nepal

In the world even though women are the major founders of the society, yet women have not achieved equality with men. Nepal is also one of the developing countries where is gender discrimination. Nepal is a Himalayan country situated in South Asia. Nepal’s total population is about 28 million and out of this 49% are womens.
                                       a typical Nepali women

They are marginalized from economic and social opportunities due to illiteracy, poverty and conservative thinking. Traditional ethical code of the society expects women to remain within the four walls of home. women are discriminated, because of son preference traditions of the society. The hindu family especially prefers to give birth to boys, since in their old age the parents are supported by their son(s). According to a proverb among Maithili people, "when girls are born the earth sinks by a foot, but when a boy is born it rises up a foot to greet him". I can never forget the story from my mum what she faced after not giving birth to any male children. Women are also suffering from domestic violence, wrong tradition and cultural malpractices. Some awful examples of violence are: sex selective abortion, child marriage, polygamy, rape, sexual violence, trafficking of women & forced prostitution, sexual harassment, dowry and domestic violence. Each year 12 000 Nepali girls are trafficked to India to work as a prostitute and 200 000 are working as a prostitute in brothels of India.

  46 years old Bishnu Maya Pariyar killed by her husband
                                                                                                        photo:Nirmal Kuwar

On 4th of November  husband Baburam Pariyar killed his 46 years old wife just because she was not ready for sexual inter course at that time. And this story is not from rural area. It is from district headquarter of Chitwan. To read more about the incident-Naya patrika
                But we can say that things are changing slowly but steadily. Number of female student is increasing in higher education. Women are spreading their skills in every fields. Just few years back government opened army sector for female. Now there is a separate ministry to look after the welfare of women and there is 33% female participation in parliament. Provision to give citizenship from mothers name, law against domestic violence, equal salary for equal work are some of the great change in favour of women. We can take it as a good sign of women development. Education and the skilled training is the most important thing to make women self supportive, independent and decision making.

   celebration of 100th womens day at Chahara VDC Tansen Palpa
                                                                                                         photo: Santosh Dahal

Thus, good economic program could help increasing the income of the women and it helps to reduce the poverty.

   What is your openion about the status of women?
   What should be done to uplift the status of women in Nepal? 


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