Thursday, April 22, 2010

An exciting trip to Western Europe

                      Before one year I was afraid to come Norway because it was the first time I'm going out of my country. It was difficult to build up confidence at that time but finally i managed that and now it's almost 8 months in Norway. Me and Sajan were thinking to visit some countries during this Easter vacation and Ellen suggest us inter-rail. It was a great idea to visit many countries. It was difficult to build up the confidence to visit almost 7 countries of Europe. We decided to buy the 22 days inter-rail global pass and started to plan the things. We just had one week for planning three weeks trip. It was so stressful for me. I was not ready for the trip because i didn't have confidence that i can do that.
                      On 24th March morning i woke up and prayed god to bring me back safely and started the journey. Cruise from Kristansand to Denmark was really great because it was my first experience.

        I'm really thankful to Bimal dai, Amit and Eli for getting us around in Copenhagen and Brussels.
 On the way to Brussels we had also a short trip of Amsterdam. We went to the dam square of Amsterdam and also a visit to the Madame Taussad museum. On the way back we also were walking in the street of the famous Red Light district of Amsterdam where I was very much surprised to see women in windows and calling customers.

                 The story behind the peeing baby in Brussels was intresting. It is said that he saved the city to be burnt by peeing. Very beautiful grand palace square and we were posing and taking picture....just funny!!

We just tried to visit most part as we can in little time. I feel like just two days in Paris was not enough. The breath taking view of Eiffel tower!! I think i'll never forget this in my life.
                     I think every Red Cross volunteer dreams to visit ICRC, IFRC, Solferiono and so on. It was also my dream to be there one day. I felt very proud to visit ICRC museum, talked with youth secretary in IFRC and some other people. I was so happy that they gave almost four hours time to us.
         We also had a three night stay in Milan and two nights in Verona. There was not much to see in Milan. Only the city lives and the architectural churches. So we thought of having a good rest there.

                    Visit the place from where Henry Dunant watched the battle and the church where he did treatment of the wounded shoulders was a matter to be proud, i felt so. I thought myself as a luckiest one because we got one volunteer couple of Montova Red Cross  to get us around. We also visited youth camp where we got opportunity to meet the District youth leader of Mantova RedCross and other high personalities of Mantova Red Cross.

                   The city build up in water- Venice. You will just stop breathing for some moment just after reaching there. There you will not find any bus and cars...just boat. Police is providing security by travelling in boat and ambulance boat  is running in water and there is a taxi boat!! everything is boat and roads are water cannels. So amazing.

                   The history of Rome from many years before Christ and our Italian lawyer friend who even know the meaning of every paintings. It was so interesting to listen!! How beautiful would be Rome if all the ancient remaining parts of building were the real buildings?? Rome is a city to be learnt. We visited most of the tourist attraction in Rome in two days.

We also found Kathmandu fast food there. It was so nice to find  place to have some Nepali food there.

                  Finally we ended our journey from Pisa by visiting city of Pisa and leaning tower. It was almost summer there. After long time i walked in t-shirt. Sajan was saying, that was just like walking in Nepal. We were happy with even very early flight from there on 10th april because we were getting tired of travelling with very pack schedule and started to miss the food in house. This trip build up so much confidence on me and gave me a lot of experience. Especially meeting people and getting contact to them was also the other aspect of this trip.


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