Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kick your habit

Everyone is responsible for everyone for everything. If we don't take responsibility for environment, we wouldn't be able to hand out this climate in its original form to our coming generation.
Global warming is the result of human activities over the last 50 years. Many human activities (use of fossils fuels, deforestrations) are contributing on climate change. So..We have to be concious to save our earth. If we don't act now......It might be too late....
Earth's temperature is increasing, Lots of fertile soil are coverting to mere a sand coz soil are losing its fertility by the use of chemical fertilisers, and losing water content in it. If this remains for longer it will creat hunger in the world. Ice are melting rapidly and it is increasing the sea level. That effects the coastal inhabitant. Most of the big cities are buit in costal area not in a greater height which can suffer with the increasing sea level.
If every individual starts thinking a little about their home planet, they can stop the black and brown carbon emmision from our land. We have a habit of using lift for going second floor instead of staircases and go to fitness centre to become fit. That doesn't go parallel. Also we can use recycled materials to save energy. We should try to consume less energy as much as we can.
If not now then never
If its not me then no one

We paricipated a seminar on climate change on UN day. It was so nice to be there. We learnt so many things about our Earth and how our activities are affecting to our Earth. It was a golden opportunity to meet general secretory of Red Cross there including many new people.


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