Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our first school visit

We started our first school visit from today and this is also one which we were waiting for. We were much worried about two things our presentation will go right or not? and the next is whether the students will be good to us or not? because the topic like human trafficking and hinduism in which we were going to give presentation is also a vast topic and difficult tooo make them understand in one lesson.
We talked about hinduism and human trafficking in different classes. We found them very interested towards religion and ethical problem like human trafficking. But all the students were not ready to accept the fact of human trafficking, that it still exist in the world. We discuss about this with our contact person and she said:"People can only believe on the things how much they have imagined." That's right. We have to make them feel. We should think about that also because this is very new topic for whole Aust-Agder youths.
Teacher want us to come back and have presentations in other classes as well. We told them, We will come with more improvements next time!!!!


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