Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In posters

I have never imagined that i'll be on posters and it will be hang around....but now it came true.It was so amazing for me. We are giving presentation on International youth group on monday and we found that they had made a posters for it by welcoming all. We also thought that it will help to get more to join Red Cross.

We have just started a Red Cross youth group for english speakers. We found that there are so many youths who wants to join Red Cross but they can't because of language problem. Here are so many asylum seekers as well so it would be nice to make them involve in Red Cross activities.

We thought it will really help immigrants to know Norwegian people and culture. Whenever they will be able to speak Norwegian and be addicted towards Red Cross this group can be mixup with another Red Cross youth group.How is the idea??

Poster we made for promoting new group


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