Thursday, October 22, 2009

Recruting volunteers-not an easy Task

Recruting and keeping members is always a difficult task for every organization and its same in Red Cross too."Keeping a stand and distributing pamplates are not always enough.So...lets think something NEW!!

Red Cross should be attractive,independent and should be the organization owned by volunteers and members.One of the youth leader told me that some leaders of local branches occupy their seats for several years not giving the chance for new upcoming leaders which forces them to leave the movement and disappear.I became more curious and asked him whether the election system is democratic or not?He cleared it just by saying "everyone prefes the experienced one". But it is the fact that it always does not work because with new people, comes new ideas and new way of doing things. We know that old is gold but should not forget that new can be better that gold.So I saw every members in Norwegian Red Cross have to think about this.

Red Cross is the only organization that stands functioning during humanitarian crisis. I have experienced it during internal conflict in my country.I know the history and movement of Red Cross but not all people. Even I have heard one of my friend saying"I have Red Cross and its seven principles in my blood."But it is only among us-so called active volunteers of Red Cross.To make all people feel like this we have to spread out our work through blogs, articles and so on in addition to doing. We have to tell people what, why and for what purpose we are doing? Which is very important to make people join this movement.


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